How to ensure your PPE is as safe as possible?

There is a wide range of equipment available for work at height, so how do you ensure that the equipment you select is right for the job and will keep you or your workers as safe as possible?

PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work.


Designed for use by one person only careful consideration needs to be given as to whether the equipment is right for use.

When it comes to working at height, there really is no margin for error and why experts like Eurosafe Solutions should be considered for your requirements.

Where mansafe systems are present, the installing company should have provided information on the Personal Protective Equipment required to use in conjunction with the system installed. This however may not be sufficient for the PPM, (planned preventive maintenance) regime required to be undertaken.

A good example of this is gutter cleaning

Whilst a basic set of PPE, (harness, lanyard, traveller, helmet) might have been provided to travel the system, this may not position the operative close enough to carry out the task required. Additional items such as work positioning lanyards and rescue kits are often required but not always supplied as part of the installation.

All PPE should carry a CE Mark. This demonstrates that the Personal Protective Equipment is compliant with European Legislation, regardless of where in the world it is manufactured.  Eurosafe Solutions work with some of the leading manufacturers to ensure we always keep abreast of the latest changes and products.

Always consider the following tips when it comes to PPE:

  • Items are CE marked
  • The manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified
  • Items are maintained, inspected and records kept
  • Follow guidelines for maintenance and inspection
  • Remove and replace any damaged items immediately
  • Have your PPE inspected at a minimum frequency of 12 months by a professional third party.

What should I do to ensure our PPE is compliant?

Just like a piece of fall protection equipment, PPE needs inspecting by a competent person for signs of damage, is kept in-date and in line with manufacturers guidelines.

We are able to set up a regular inspection plan for your PPE and recommend any additional equipment required to minimise risks to help keep workers safe.

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