Fixed ladders, walkways and stairs still need inspecting!

It is a common misconception that fixed access ladders, stairs and walkways don’t need regular inspection. However, this is not the case!

All these items require regular inspection, as they fall under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (P.U.W.E.R) 1998.

To do this, it needs the expertise of a trained and competent person. It is the duty holder’s responsibility to ensure that this inspection is carried out by a competent person on a regular (at least 12 monthly basis). This inspection must be recorded.

Eurosafe Solutions is able to offer this inspection service to our customers. We carry out regular inspection of fixed ladders, stairs and gantries for a number of our customers. In each case, we record the findings of each inspection to ensure compliance with the British Standard  BS 5395-3:1985 – Code of Practice for the design of industrial type stairs, permanent ladders and walkways.

A key part of the process is to check for items that may present an obvious hazard, such as slips, trips, falls and impact damage. Our inspectors also make sure that all fixings are secure and that all moving parts are in full working order.  Each item is given a unique reference number and is tagged to identify the next inspection date. Many companies find that outsourcing their inspection requirements gives them peace of mind that their ladders, walkways and fixed gantries are operating correctly, are as safe as possible and are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

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