Research reveals training enhances Safety when Working at Height

Eurosafe Solutions advises premises and facilities managers to invest in appropriate training for staff and contractors to ensure they achieve the level of competency to be able to minimise risks to themselves and their colleagues.

Workers who have not received sufficient training, or indeed, have not been trained at all, have been found to be the weakest link in cases of accidents at height. A building can have the best safety systems available, but if workers are not trained to use them correctly it could result in serious issues.

Eurosafe Solutions offers a comprehensive range of training courses for construction managers, end user training, height safety training and Personal Protective Equipment inspection. These training courses are specifically designed to ensure that the end user is fully aware and prepared to deal with the hazards and demands of working at height.

If all workers were trained correctly then there is no doubt this would reduce the number of injuries caused at work at height. Part of the training includes making sure that workers are aware of how to avoid falling and how to minimise injuries if a fall occurs. It also looks at what action should be taken in the event of a colleague falling. One of the other issues is that staff are sometimes trained and then don’t use the equipment for some time, which means refresher training is vital. If workers are not using the equipment regularly that knowledge could be lost, so we recommend an annual training review to ensure that staff involved with work at heights are still fully competent in carrying out the work efficiently and safely.

Eurosafe Solutions’ training covers the correct method of fitting harnesses, as this is one of the common causes of accidents at height, which can result in a fatality. An essential part of the training also makes workers aware that all relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs to be checked to make sure it is within date and has not become obsolete. By working with a specialist in work at heights company, this should provide much greater peace of mind, ensuring the duty holder is taking the appropriate level of care in protecting workers and resulting in far fewer accidents.

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