Why you should choose Eurosafe as your access safety provider

Eurosafe has a wide range of bespoke solutions that can be installed to ensure your safety when working at height or in confined spaces.

We are not only leading suppliers in the height safety industry, but we also provide inspection & maintenance services as well as relevant training courses to fulfil all your safety demands.

We Have a Solution for Everything

Eurosafe are approved suppliers of the world’s leading installed fall protection equipment. We can provide the best system based on your specific access and maintenance requirements, regardless of the location or environment.

Our experienced team is able to provide you with design, calculation, fabrication, and installation services thanks to our broad variety of industry-leading products from manufacturers including Latchways, Honeywell and Safety Fabrications.

This makes it possible to find a solution for even the most difficult installations while always making sure that legislative standards are followed.

Eurosafe can provide you with a solution, regardless of whether you need:

  • A single eyebolt for window cleaning
  • A roof-mounted cable-based system for gutter and plant maintenance
  • Overhead systems to allow engineers to access the top of vehicles
  • Vertical systems to ladders to allow access between floors
  • Complex amalgamations of all the issues above

Safety Without Compromise

Eurosafe sticks to this philosophy by only using materials designed and manufactured by companies who share the same values.

We control the quality through rigorous checks and controls to give us, and ultimately you, peace of mind. This applies to everything from our own bespoke fabrications to our carefully chosen suppliers of fall protection and access equipment.

Legislation covering collective protection, such as a roof guardrail, balustrade, and demarcation systems, is now very complex and cumbersome due to the lack of a single document covering all of the market’s various possibilities. We take careful consideration of your requirements to make sure that the correct product is installed, for the correct purpose.

To see the broad range of fall protection solutions that Eurosafe has to offer, please click here.

Allow Eurosafe to take care of this headache so you don’t wind up with a greater problem in the future.

For more information about our safety solutions please contact...

Dan Capper 3

Daniel Capper (Business Development Director)

Telephone: 0114 250 7411 (Ext. 301) E-mail: dcapper@eurosafesolutions.co.uk