The Buddh International Circuit, New Delhi

Eurosafe raced ahead with India Grand Prix contract!

Eurosafe Solutions completed a major project to deliver and install a suspended cradle access system for the new Formula One Grand Prix stadium, which is built in India.

The Building

The stadium in New Delhi, which will host the first Indian Grand Prix in October 2011, cost $300m to build and involves 6,500 construction workers. It is expected to create $170m of annual income and create 10,000 jobs.

The stadium was built in the middle of the farmland with nothing else around for miles. It is a phenomenal, expansive structure that we are very proud to be part of. It is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring stadiums which was part of a major regeneration of the whole area known as Sport City.

The Requirement

Working in partnership with IMS  Access Services in Sheffield, who project manged the installation process, Eurosafe solutions were asked to design a solution that would allow the workers to install cladding safely. With a strict deadline and working at a height of around 40 meters, a solution had to be in place, on time and with the engineers on site ready to complete the installation.

The Solution

Eurosafe was approached by the specialist cladding contractors; a joint venture partnership between an English & an Indian contractor because of Eurosafe’s track record of installing complex access systems on buildings in the UK and around the world.

To ensure safe installation of the cladding when working at height, Eurosafe designed and managed the fabrication of the 40m long suspended cradle access system which is thought to be one of the largest in the world. Eurosafe Solutions worked in partnership with IMS Access Services to help project manage the installation process.

The suspended cradle was used by contractors throughout the installation of soffit cladding.

Eurosafe Solutions and other local companies involved, were up against a strict deadline to ensure the huge structure could be built within just a couple of months. The suspended cradle systems was shipped to India before Christmas. John Boyle, Director at Eurosafe Solutions and a team of six engineers from the company went over shortly after the cradle systems, where they worked against the odds to install the huge cradle system whilst working in conditions of 40 degrees centigrade!

This is such an exciting and prestigious project to work on. It was an eye-opening trip too, obviously India is still a developing country with many people living in poverty and it was an interesting experience with all the workers and their families living on site! There was some detailed logistical planning required when we thought we might not be able to get the cradle from when it had been docked to site, but we had planned for all eventualities, so everything worked out in the end and the installation itself ran very smoothly.

It is fantastic that South Yorkshire’s design and manufacturing expertise has been used in this way on a major international project that will ensure the safety of construction workers at these tremendous heights. It will certainly be a project that will go down in Eurosafe’s history!”

John Boyle, Director of Eurosafe Solutions

BMU Cradle Systems Test & Inspection

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