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Nutricia Early Life Nutrition is a specialised part of Danone and is one of the world’s largest producers of baby food. With a focus on scientifically developed food, Nutricia provides benefits for consumers and outcomes for babies.

With this, Nutricia supports Danone’s mission to make a contribution to the health of as many people as possible through nutrition. All over the world.

The production facility of Nutricia is located in Cuijk, Netherlands. Safety is their first priority. Their mission is clear: ‘Nobody gets hurt!’. In their safety policy they have a clear vision: ‘Nutricia Cuijk strives for a proactive safety culture in which safety and health are guaranteed. Health and safety are core values ​​within our company and are seen as essential employment conditions’.

The Building

Safety is of paramount importance at Danone Nutricia. With the help of a tailor-made Söll MultiRail, drivers and Nutricia employees can safely load and unload trucks.

The Requirements

Raw material samples was taken when loading and unloading lorries. Drivers and employees climbed on to the top of the trucks for this. This situation was seen as risky. In addition, the loading and unloading site was on the public road, so a standard solution was not available.

We were looking for tailor-made proposals. Eurosafe  asked the question 'where can we really help you?'. From this starting point a collaborated solution was found.

Danone Nutricia spokesman


In order to provide a safe loading and unloading solution, Eurosafe opted for a tailor-made aluminium Söll MultiRail system in combination with a ground fixed steel construction. The well-thought-out application of a user-friendly rail system provides plenty of freedom of movement to load and unload cargo safely and efficiently.

Danone Nutricia  – Without thinking directly about solutions, we first looked at the problem. The right order, as it should be. Spokesman – Danone Nutricia

Because Eurosafe solved a similar problem for fall protection within Danone, we were familiar with Danone Nutricia.

The spokesman said: “Eurosafe Solutions offers the customisation that we are looking for. We believe that samples must be taken safely. We did not have a solution to do this safely on trucks. Once in contact with Raymond Keijzer from Eurosafe, I experienced a lot of flexibility and commitment throughout the entire process. Without thinking directly about solutions, we first looked at the problem. The right order, as it should be. ”

Eventually we suggested an aluminum Söll MultiRail system in combination with a fall arrest block and a full body PRD harness. This way you are secured directly from the ground. If the user slips while climbing the ladder to the truck, the fall is arrested immediately. In the event of a fall whilst on the top of the truck, the person is also protected.

Using an MSA-Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD) as a harness, you can lower yourself to safety after a fall. With the rescue pole, you can safely and easily retrieve someone who has lost consciousness to the ground floor.

My goal was to create a safe workplace for people who work at height. In order to arrive at a safe and user-friendly solution, we first analyzed the problem together. Based on the results, we formulated an action plan.

Raymond Keijzer, Eurosafe Solutions

The Results

  • The system ensures a safe and efficient loading and unloading area with great freedom of movement for the user.
  • The limited loading and unloading space is optimally utilized by attaching the steel structure deep into the ground. For example, trucks can be loaded and unloaded easily and efficiently.


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