DHL Supply Chain – Brackmills Industrial Estate

DHL‘s new supply chain campus in Brackmills, Northampton offers cost-competitive, flexible supply chain solutions that add value to businesses.

This modern, purpose-built campus offers low cost, flexible warehousing managed by logistics industry experts and is set in a prime location with excellent communication and distribution networks.

The Requirement

As part of Stewarts Commercial Contractors refurbishment works, there was an internal office space erected and a hatch providing access to the roof area.

Our scope of works included providing the following:

  • Safe access from ground level, to the office roof area.
  • Collective protection to the office roof area.
  • Safe access from the office roof area, up the new roof access hatch.
  • Additional systems from the hatch, to the existing cable systems on the roof.

The Solution

In order to provide safe access from ground level to the office roof area, we designed, supplied and installed an Ascent™ Access ladder.  The Ascent™ Fixed Access Ladder provides a simple access solution to roof areas for maintenance and other occasional use. All our ladders are individually designed to suit their location and use. They fully comply with relevant European standards.  The Ascent™ ladder also proved to be a versatile solution for accessing the new roof hatch from the office roof area, with its capability of incorporating a mid-platform in order to comply fully with current regulations.

We opted for a freestanding weighted guarding system to provide collective protection on the office roof. This allowed the guarding to be installed after the office construction had been completed, without the need to penetrate the finished roof surface. A unique low profile base design means there are no unsightly counterbalance weights whilst a high-performance rubber mat placed between the base and the roof surface ensures no adverse effect on new or existing roof guarantees.

With regards to the additional cable system required at roof level, we installed the MSA Latchways Constant Force Post system. This provided safe access from the newly installed hatch, to the existing roof mounted cable systems. Using the MSA Latchways  range of Constant Force® posts we are able to install cable based systems to a vast majority of roof types.

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