Goodman's Fields

Goodman’s fields is multi-story development in London that was designed with a large amount of glazing on the façade. Eurosafe provided a solution in the form of single anchor points that helped with the installation of the glass.

The Building

This is a mixed-use urban quarter providing a selection of exceptional studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses together with new retail commercial space, student accommodation and a hotel.

The Requirements

Installation of the predominantly glazed external façade presented a problem for our client, Feldhaus, Fenster + Fassaden, as much of the installation had to be carried out from within the rooms of the development. The traditionally used fixed temporary edge protection barriers would not have been a viable option for the works as this would have prevented the installation operatives from achieving the close proximity to the glazing they required.

The Solution

Eurosafe installed a total of 700No’ PPE Anchor Points mainly to the concrete floor slabs above where the installation of the glazing was to be carried out. The anchor points were installed at a distance from the fall hazard, which, when used in conjunction with a full body harness and set length Inertia Reel, provided full, safe access to the areas where the operatives were required to work, enabling the client to carry out their element of the works in a safe, cost effective and timely manner.

Upon completion of the glazing installation, the eyebolts were removed from the floor slab, allowing the internal finishes to be installed by other contractors.

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