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Founded in 1935, Kautex quickly became a pioneer in the field of polymer processing. Today, they are a Top 100 supplier to global automotive OEMs, manufacturing plastic fuel systems, clear vision systems and castings, in addition to industrial packaging.

Kautex Unipart Ltd provides complete full service supply for plastic fuel systems for any automotive vehicle. Together with Kautex Textron GMBH, Kautex Unipart Ltd. offers plastic fuel systems that perform significantly below the strict emission standards set by California by the use of their Next Generation Fuel System (NGFS®) as well as conventional fuel systems that serve other markets.

The Requirements

Operatives were required to gain access to certain areas of the machine that were located outside of the safety cages on each level for maintenance activities to be carried out. As there is no safe working platform to these areas, this type of maintenance required the use of expensive and impractical measures to perform the works safely.

Reducing the risk of working at height is a key focus for Kautex. Providing safe access and fall protection to maintain our machinery is critical

Barry Mctavish, Managing Director - Kautex Textron

The Solution

Eurosafe Solutions provided the client with a safe method of accessing these areas, utilising both structural steelwork on the machine itself and the steel frame of the building to provide overhead Latchways ManSafe Systems and PPE Anchor Points.

Due to the highly congested work area and the 24 hour operations of the plant, Rope Access techniques were employed to gain access to the fixing background, which otherwise would have required the installation of scaffold being erected.

The works were carried out swiftly, with little impact to the operations of the plant.

Cable Based System Test & Inspection

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