Sheffield United Football Club - Bramall Lane

“Bramall Lane – Sheffield United Football Club’s home – is rich in history. It remains one of the oldest grounds in the world still used for professional football.

The idea of Bramall Lane came from the mind of a champion of cricket from Sheffield, Michael J. Ellison. In 1854, he was the primary driving force behind the idea of having a new first-class cricket and sporting venue for the city, giving six of the local leading clubs an enclosure to be proud of.

It saw its first football match take place on 29th December 1862.”

The Requirement

Sheffield United Football Club require regular access onto the roof of the John Street Stand for maintaining the flags and floodlights pitch side. They also require periodic access at roof level to safely clean and maintain the gutters.

The requirement of a cable based fall protection system provides safe access to the roof level for carrying out these activities. It was critical that the solution provided protects the operatives from falling off the building and through the many fragile roof lights.

The Solution

We chose the MSA Latchways Constant Force Post cable system for a complete rooftop fall protection solution.

The roof mounted system was installed using 16no. self-weathering stitching screws directly onto the sheet. The layout of the system was designed to follow the perimeter of the roof, whilst keeping the operatives in a fall restraint position at all times.

Using the MSA Latchways range of Constant Force® posts, we can install cable-based systems to a clear majority of roof types.

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