Sheffield Hallam University - Charles Street Building

“Constructed in 2015, the Charles Street building is part of the University’s overall aim to improve the student experience and enhance the University’s reputation.

This development brings together the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and will primarily focus on training teachers and house the Sheffield Institute of Education.”

The Requirement

Working for the roofing contractor, we were asked to provide a full roof access solution. Periodic roof access is required to maintain the following:

– PV panels (Photovoltaic)
– Green Roof
– Gutters

The initial access requirement was from the plant are to the new roof. Secondly, there is a significant change in level between two roof areas, which also required a bespoke solution. The fall protection requirement on this project called for a cable based system.

The Solution

To provide safe access from the plant area to the roof, we designed, supplied and installed an Ascent™ Access ladder. The hooped Ascent™ fixed access ladder provides a simple access solution to the roof area for regular maintenance.

Due to the design of the roof areas, there is a significant change in level that requires a bespoke access solution. We provided safe access by installing an Ascent™ Step Unit, with handrails to both sides.

In order to provide the most aesthetically pleasing access system, without compromising the operative’s safety, we installed the MSA Latchways Constant Force Post cable system. We designed the layout to ensure operatives are in a restraint position at all times.

As is common with many roof types and manufacturers, this is an approved solution for biodiverse green roofing systems.

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