Teesside University College

The Curve at Teesside University is a new build that is state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly that required access to the roof area for gutter cleaning and maintenance to the Solar PV Panels.

The Building

The Curve at Teesside University is a new £20m four-story flagship building that has been designed to represent the upward, aspirational and distinctive vision of the University.
Open to students in summer 2015, The Curve is a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly building, with high quality architectural design and striking gold-coloured panelling. It provides 1,476 square metres of innovative teaching and learning space. It also included social learning spaces, multi-purpose areas for reception, events and exhibitions, general purpose teaching rooms and a large auditorium lecture theatre.

The Requirements

With gutter surrounding the perimeter of the roof and the presence of Solar PV Panels, it is a roof area that will require frequent maintenance and upkeep for many years to come. As operatives will be accessing the roof area for general inspection and maintenance purposes, the Work At Height Regulations (WAHR) states that competent and trained workers must use suitable fall protection equipment.

The Solution

The design team at Eurosafe worked closely with the designers at European Roofing, to ensure that a feasible solution was successfully created for safe roof access. In order to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing fall protection solution,  The team completed an installation of 6 horizontal Latchways constant force systems and 2 isolated posts.

To provide a safe walking area for the operatives, approximately 210 linear metres of Kalzip Quick Fix Grillage was installed alongside the ManSafe systems. The systems installed have provided full fall restraint access to all desired areas.

The combined installation of fall protection systems and walkway fully complies with the work at height regulations, British Standards and manufactures recommendations.

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