Eurosafe Solutions implements a number of corporate social and environmental initiatives to provide a better environment and to take care of society and employee well-being when making business decisions.

Where possible and realistic, Eurosafe Solutions goes a step further than required by law – from social involvement to a future-oriented vision in collaboration with its clients and partners.

Better Environment

At Eurosafe Solutions we use as many sustainable products as possible. For example, as a MSA-Latchways importer and dealer,  Eurosafe Solutions applies MSA-Latchways anchor points which have a proven lifespan of 20 years or more, and are almost fully recyclable.

The Roofwalker walkways offered by Eurosafe Solutions are manufactured from recycled power cable sheaths.

Eurosafe Solutions uses aluminium stairs and ladders which are manufactured from sawing waste, and residual material is collected (with a separation between clean and dirty aluminium) and offered for recycling. These ladders and stairs have a proven lifespan of at least 15 years.

Employee Well-being & Safety

As a safety company, Eurosafe Solutions takes the safety and health of its employees extremely seriously because a large part of our staff works at height, which entails safety risks.  To ensure safe and comfortable working environment, Eurosafe Solutions provides its employees with user-friendly, ergonomic and approved tools, such as hoisting and lifting equipment, and lightweight stairs and ladders.

Local Community Support

Here at Eurosafe Solutions, we are very passionate about our local communities and the help we can provide to those who need it most.

See below some examples of the social initiatives Eurosafe employees have been involved in recently.

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