Coventry Schools reap the benefit of safer roofs

Employees and contractors working for Coventry City Council can be assured that they are being offered the very best protection when working at heights, with testing and inspection of a number of their schools and public buildings provided by Sheffield-based Eurosafe Solutions. The 12 primary and secondary schools and other buildings, including an art gallery, transport museum, council office and leisure & neighbourhood centre, all benefit from an annual inspection by Eurosafe Solutions, a company which has extensive experience of providing such services for some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings.

Following the successful completion of the first 12 months of the programme, Eurosafe Solutions now manages the requirements for ongoing testing and inspection for individual schools to ensure they are fully compliant. This provides the local authority with peace of mind that they are meeting their obligations to have their fall protection systems tested at least once a year.

Many local authorities, like Coventry City Council, are recognising the importance of appointing a specialist company to keep their fall protection testing and inspection up to date. We take away the headache of having to ensure that every building is tested and inspected regularly, providing peace of mind and minimising risks to personnel and to the organisation.

John Boyle - Director of Eurosafe Solutions

Eurosafe Solutions, which specialises in the testing and inspection of fall protection systems, has found that many building owners and managers are not aware of their obligations that cable-based fall protection systems should be tested every 12 months, as should PPE associated with work at heights and Eyebolts on roofs. Furthermore, Abseil anchors should be tested every six months, as part of meeting Work at Height legislation, including BS 3N 365, BS EN 795 and BS EN 7883.

Eurosafe Solutions is advising that building owners and property managers check that the fall protection company they are currently working with carries out adequate tests on each anchor device. British and European standards state that the sample anchor device needs to be tested with forces applied in line with expected service.


Safety is of paramount importance to us as a council and this is the reason why we are keen to ensure that our fall protection systems are operating efficiently. There are many benefits to outsourcing fall protection, as we are assured that our staff and contractors are being offered the best possible protection against falls from heights.

Nigel Broom – Building and Consultancy Services for Coventry City Council

Eurosafe Solutions has built its reputation by going beyond the ‘sample’ testing approach by physically testing every system to apply a specified load for a number of minutes to each end component for every system. This is part of providing total confidence to customers and a greater degree of safety for those working at heights. Following the inspection, Eurosafe Solutions produces a detailed report as to its inspector’s findings and provides up to date system certification.

It is really important that schools and other public buildings have effective plans in place with regards to their fall protection testing and inspection. We provide complete peace of mind that these schools’ fall protection systems are compliant with the regulations and that any employees or contractors working on these buildings can be offered the highest possible level of protection.

John Boyle - Director at Eurosafe Solutions

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