Latchways LadderLatch Devices are now in stock!

Eurosafe Solutions now have LadderLatch devices in stock! Numbers are limited so get yours soon.

Why are LadderLatch devices so useful?

MSA Latchways engineered lifeline systems for ladders, provide outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of fixed ladder.

Such is the simplicity of the design concept, that the Latchways ladder system can be installed to follow the contours of the structure and so maximise its safety value in a working environment. Equally, the proven effectiveness of the LadderLatch unit with its unique starwheel component provides workers with the security of being constantly attached to the system, whilst also having both hands free for climbing. If a worker should fall from the system, the LadderLatch immediately locks onto the cable and arrests the fall.

In the event of a fall, a worker attached to a Latchways ladder system is far less likely to be injured during the fall arrest process compared to a fall from a traditional hoop system. Whereas hoop systems prevent a worker falling backwards off a ladder, the hoops themselves present a significant threat if the worker should fall down a ladder.

  • LadderLatch starwheel unit rotates freely through the intermediate cable guides to give the user continuous hands-free protection.
  • In the event of a fall, the LadderLatch device locks onto the cable and arrests the fall.
  • Energy absorbers built into the system protect the end anchors from excessive loads should a fall from the system occur.
  • The LadderLatch device can be attached or detached at any point in the system.
  • Meets all appropriate international standards.

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