Safety at height for Gas and Oil

Vertical Fall Protection

MSA's range of Latchways® Engineered Vertical Lifeline Systems for ladders provide outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of structure. MSA's Vertical Lifeline Systems for towers, have the inherent flexibility to be configured for use on virtually any design of power transmission tower.

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Confined Space Access

Davit systems are used where there is a requirement to suspend a load over a roof edge, parapet or glazing system. The majority of applications which we encounter are for the suspension of personnel in the form of either an abseil or cradle systems. Due to the load in which Davit Arms can support, it is required to have them test & inspected regularly.

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Rope Access

The directors of Eurosafe Solutions have together over 40 years of experience in the use of rope access techniques to carry out works where traditional access methods don’t work or are two costly.

Rope access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving where the operative uses ropes to ascend and descend. The industry has an exemplary safety record which derives from adherence to the guidelines laid out by IRATA. These rigorous training requirements produce professional, highly aware technicians that have ensured that there have been very few accidents since IRATA was founded in the late 1980’s. All of our technicians carry up to date training records and certificates.

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Constant Force Safety Systems

Eurosafe Solutions are a leading installer of the MSA Latchways cable based system with its uniquely designed Transfastener™ that allows the end user to bypass all of the fixing points without having to disconnect from the system. MSA Latchways wide range components, combined with our bespoke fabrications, gives us true flexibility to be able to design a system to suit your needs whether horizontal, inclined or vertical.

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Overhead Fall Protection

Eurosafe Solutions offer a range of products that can be installed in a position above the work area to provide fall restraint protection for maintenance works. The user is connected to the cable via an inertia block attached to a trolley that runs smoothly with the system and ensures that the employee can work freely at all times. Systems can be designed to suit a majority of situations fixed back to steel, concrete, or masonry.

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Latchways Sealed SRL

The Latchways Sealed Self-Retracting Lifeline range offers a dependable means of fall protection and has been specifically designed for use in harsh environments such as oil rigs, wind turbines and other offshore applications.

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Gas Detectors

Gas detectors perform a valuable role in the workplace. ... They are predominantly used to trigger alarms if a specified concentration of gas is exceeded and measure workers' exposure to gases. This can provide early warning of a problem and help ensure worker's safety and health, and protect equipment.

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