Together with its customers Eurosafe Solutions works to create an environment for safely working at height without compromise. Safety is our top priority in all aspects of our working methods, our solutions, and our services.

Safely working at height requires much more than just having the correct equipment available. Robust, reliable, carefully managed systems need to be in place to ensure that we protect those exposed to the inherent risks associated with these tasks, whilst making certain our customers are operating in line with all relevant legislation governing these practices.

Safety Circle®

Managing and maintaining a multi site portfolio is a difficult and complex task, crucial to preserving the quality and value of your estate. To ensure that this process is carried out safely Eurosafe Solutions have developed the Safety Circle®.

Working closely with clients over the last 22 years has led to the development of our concept of a Safety Circle®, where multiple components are required to ensure a robust health and safety plan is maintained and all the key components in the plan are looked at. Eurosafe now offers a full range of services to compliment this concept. We can provide a full risk assessment and evaluation of your site and its specific access requirements, specify and install the most suitable equipment to ensure the task is carried out safely, provide your staff with the correct PPE and equipment and ensure they are sufficiently trained to use the equipment and carry out the works safely; finally we can give you long term managed maintenance plan to ensure all equipment is in good working order at all times.

A complete single source service covering all aspects of your working at height and in confined spaces health and safety requirements.

Gavin Ellis, Managing Director

More than the Sum of the parts...

Our Safety Circle® concept is made up of five individual sections that can be provided independently, but work best when implemented together, providing a number of safety and cost benefits, and ultimately piece of mind for our clients.



As a duty holder with responsibility to the end user, Eurosafe Solutions offers consultancy for fall protection and confined space to ensure the correct products are specified and provided.

Installation & Implementation

Eurosafe Solutions selects the most suitable market leading equipment for your requirements, and then ensures that these products are professionally installed and commissioned by our highly trained, directly employed, engineers.

Products & PPE

Eurosafe Solutions can supply a full range of PPE and products for working at height and in confined spaces, ensuring that this equipment is correctly selected to work in your workplace environment in harmony with the other safety equipment required for the task.

Training & Education

Eurosafe solutions offers a full range of training courses for working at height and in confined spaces to compliment our range of services.

Inspection & Maintenance

At Eurosafe Solutions, we believe that the completion of a project is just the beginning of our service. An integral part of Eurosafe Safety Circle®, our Inspection & Maintenance service can provide you with peace of mind that your systems are safe for use.

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Eurosafe Solutions

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Consultancy An indispensable part of Eurosafe Safety Circle is our Consultancy Service. Eurosafe Solutions offers in-depth

Products & PPE

Products & Personal Protective Equipment The correct use of installed safety systems requires that both the system