An indispensable part of Eurosafe Safety Circle is our Consultancy Service.

Eurosafe Solutions offers in-depth risk analysis reports and access strategy documents for your workplace, both for existing assets or at early planning stage for architects and developers, providing you with a clear plan of action considering your operational schedule and any permanent or temporary measures that should be put into place.

Roof Assessment & Evaluation

The potential hazards and threats are recorded within the system to determine your risk profile and existing protection measures. The requirement and frequency of your operations, and the level of risk the worker is exposed to whilst accessing areas at height, are all taken into consideration when assessing your working environment.

All of the assessments, hazards and recommendations are presented to you in a roof asset report. From this we can then create a plan of action, a detailed drawing and a quote with return on investment calculations.


  • In-depth analysis of your risk profile and the risk management measures that need to be taken into consideration
  • Reduction of your liability
  • Concessions for Risk Assessment & Evaluations and baseline measurements

Plan of Action

Based on the Roof Assessment & Evaluation report produced, we will provide you with a clear plan of action that will take into account the operational schedule and any permanent or temporary measures that should be put into place. This plan will be specific to your property and will ensure that the aesthetics and functionality remain intact.

The plan of action will include a quotation detailing the costs of our recommendations including a multi-year maintenance budget supported by weighted risks and return on investment calculation.

Programme of Requirements

Standardisation of equipment and processes across a portfolio is essential part of a robust safety management system. To aid this we put together a comprehensive programme of requirements that details choices as to the most suitable equipment to install, which training is needed, and what inspection and maintenance regime will need to be in place.


  • Informed approach based on weighted risks
  • A comprehensive and clear guideline to ensure a full safety infrastructure is in place
  • Costed designs showing a balance of safety, functionality and aesthetics in relation to the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Concise guide to setting up your safety infrastructure
  • Uniform design with an optimal balance between security, functionality, aesthetics and life in relation to your total cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Simplify your purchase, maintenance and training process, making cost savings

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