Building Owners and Facility Managers

Managing and maintaining a multi-site portfolio is a difficult and complex task, crucial to preserving the quality and value of your estate. These estates are often made up of multiple buildings of different construction, of different ages, and with different access and maintenance requirements or sites with very bespoke requirements regarding access to plant and machinery encompassing both working at height and in confined spaces.

To help manage these assets Eurosafe Solutions offer its clients a consultancy service that carries out an in-depth risk analysis report and creates a detailed and comprehensive access strategy document for your workplace, providing you with a clear plan of action considering your operational schedule and any permanent or temporary measures that should be put into place.


  • In-depth analysis of your risk profile and the risk management measures that need to be taken into consideration
  • Reduction of your liability
  • Concessions for Risk Assessment & Evaluations and baseline measurements

Workplace Assessment & Evaluation

The potential hazards and threats are recorded within the system to determine your risk profile and existing protection measures. The requirement and frequency of your operations, and the level of risk the worker is exposed to whilst accessing areas at height or in confined spaces, are all taken into consideration when assessing your working environment.

All the assessments, hazards, and recommendations are presented to you in an asset report. From this, we can then create a plan of action including a detailed drawing, a programme of requirements detailing our recommendations, and a budget quote including lifetime costs for the long-term maintenance of these assets.

Plan of Action

Based on the Workplace Assessment & Evaluation report produced, we will provide you with a clear plan of action that will consider the operational schedule and any permanent or temporary measures that should be put into place. This plan will be specific to your workplace and task requirements and will ensure that the aesthetics of your buildings and your business’ functionality remain intact.


  • Updated information across your portfolio
  • Planned uniformity of access methods
  • Identification of gaps in present systems of work

Programme of Requirements

Standardisation of equipment and processes across a portfolio is an essential part of a robust safety management system. To aid this we put together a comprehensive programme of requirements that details choices as to the most suitable equipment to install, the correct PPE in place, which training is needed, and what inspection and maintenance regime is required including long-term costs.

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