Davit System Test & Inspection

Davit systems are used where there is a requirement to suspend a load over a roof edge, parapet or glazing system. The majority of applications which we encounter are for the suspension of personnel in the form of either an abseil or cradle systems. Due to the load in which Davit Arms can support, it is required to have them test & inspected regularly.

A Davit system typically takes one of two forms:

  • Permanent Socket and Temporary Davit
  • Permanent Davit

We are able to offer a comprehensive inspection, testing & certification service for both fixed and removable davit systems. LOLER states that they must be inspected & tested a minimum of every 6 months and/or after every fall.

The following standards are applicable when testing and inspection Davit systems:

  • BS EN 7985
  • LOLER – in accordance with BS EN 795
  • BS EN7883

For more information about our Davit system Inspection service please contact...

Wayne Reid

Wayne Reid (Inspection & Maintenance Sales Director)

Telephone: 07903 536 104 E-mail: wreid@eurosafesolutions.co.uk