Monorail Test & Inspection

Monorails are widely used across the UK to provide safe access to high level internal and external building facades in order to carry out activities like cleaning, inspection and light maintenance.

There any many different types of monorails and they can be combined with various other equipment such as cradle systems and travelling ladders. They can also be either horizontal or vertical depending on the required use, such as horizontal for rope access use or vertical for use of lifting materials such as glazing units.

Here at Eurosafe Solutions Ltd, we offer building managers / owners a full test & inspection solution for the monorail system. It can be individually tailored to the building to minimise any down time and maximise productivity of any permanent access equipment.

Our test & inspection engineers are highly trained and work in accordance with LOLER, PUWER, EN 1808 and BS 6037  Part 1 & Part 2 to ensure that the monorails are safe of use .

Following the lead of BS 6037, we classify the inspection and testing of monorails to BS 6037- Part 1 -2003 regulation. To complete this there are 4 levels of inspection that should be carried out:

  • Pre-use checks should be carried out by the user before commencing work each day
  • Inspection and maintenance is generally carried out at three-monthly intervals, with more extensive inspection carried out at six and 12 monthly intervals
  • Load testing carried out annually
  • Thorough examinations generally carried out at six-monthly intervals.

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