Travelling Ladders & Gantries Test & Inspection

Travelling ladders & Gantries can be either mechanically powered or hand operated and are typically used by window cleaners or maintenance personnel to access either the outside or the inside of large glazed atria. To ensure complete safety when using these systems, travelling ladders & gantries must be tested and inspected.

It is the duty holder who is legally responsible for ensuring that suspended access equipment under their care is:

  • Safe and fit for the purpose for which it was intended
  • Properly maintained and examined
  • Used by competent and adequately trained operatives

Eurosafe Solutions Ltd works with duty holders to meet their legal obligations by providing a full inspection and testing solution individually tailored to minimise any down time and to maximise the productivity of any permanently installed access equipment. For travelling ladders & Gantries, the guidelines for test and inspection are BS 6037-2:2004. The Code of Practice for the Planning, Design, Installation and use of permanently installed access equipment – Travelling ladders & gantries, which states that a quarterly inspection regime should be adopted.

Typically we work with our customers to adopt where applicable the following regime:

  • Month 1 – Inspection, thorough examination & load test
  • Month 3 – Inspection
  • Month 6 – Inspection & thorough examination
  • Month 9 – Inspection

By working with our customers, we can strive to ensure that the Permanently Installed Access equipment is available for use 365 days per year allowing maintenance to be completed to the building fabric through every eventuality.

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