Cable Based System Test & Inspection

At Eurosafe Solutions, we are certified by all the leading cable based fall protection manufacturers to inspect, test and certify their fall protection systems. This allows us to offer a complete cable system inspection and testing service for fall protection to our customers.

Customers therefore have peace of mind that no matter how large their building portfolio, we can confidently test, inspect and certify all cable based fall protection systems. These are sometimes referred to by their brand names such as Mansafe™, Latchways™, Uniline™, Protecta™, Sala™ systems, and are all categorised as Class C Fall Protection systems under BS EN 795.

How we carry out testing and inspection for cable-based fall protection systems

We go beyond the “sample” testing approach and physically test every 8mm hexagonal swaged system to ensure it is completely safe and fully compliant. This provides the building owner with total confidence that their systems are correctly inspected, tested, certified and maintained.

The updated European Standard EN 795 2012 requires that all cable based fall protection systems be designed, manufactured and tested to allow for foreseeable misuse. Thus, they must be capable of sustaining a fall arrest load, regardless of whether they are designed in a fall restraint position or not.

After carrying out an inspection, our engineers provide customers with a detailed report of our findings and issue the appropriate certification.

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