Testing Roof Handrail Strength, Guardrail Balustrade & Barrier Inspection

Collective protection systems such as handrail, guardrail, balustrade and barriers are an essential choice when considering fall protection. Within the workplace these items are classed as work equipment.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (P.U.W.E.R) 1998 require the “Duty Holder” to ensure that any work equipment provided is:

  1. Suitable for use, and for the purpose and conditions in which it is used
  2. Maintained in a safe condition for use so that peoples Health and Safety is not at risk; and
  3. Inspected in certain circumstances to ensure that it is, and continues to be safe for use

It is the duty holder’s responsibility to ensure that prior to use, equipment provided is inspected by a competent person.

Our directly-employed and fully trained engineers have extensive expertise in carrying out guardrail testing, handrail load testing and inspections of collective protection systems to ensure maximum safety for your staff and contractors. They can also assist in testing handrail strength.

It is therefore essential to have your Collective Protection Systems inspected on a regular basis, by a competent company, such as Eurosafe Solutions. These inspections provide peace of mind and  help reduce the risks to workers. It is recommended that collective protection should be tested and inspected at frequencies not exceeding 12 months.

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