Our Inspection of Demarcation barrier systems (post & chain) as a form of fall protection/guarding comes under PUWER legislation.

Demarcation systems such as the D-marc demarcation system (post & chain barrier) are designed to keep users away from a fall hazard. As such they are classed as a piece of work equipment & require regular inspection under PUWER. This can take the form of a regular visual inspection carried out by a competent person as part of a Compliance based inspection / Periodic Inspection regime / PPM. In the event that an independant third party is required to undertake this inspection – Eurosafe Solutions can take on the role of the competent person.

PUWER regulation 6 specifies the circumstances where inspection is required to ensure healthy and safe conditions are maintained: one circumstance identified is… where work equipment is exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in dangerous situations. Given Demarctions location on a roof to keep users away from a fall hazard – it most certainly requires a regular planned inspection. Eurosafe are able to offer a inspection service for your demarcation system and implement it as part of a schedule of Planned Preventative maintenance PPM.