Brise Soleil Inspection & Maintenance

Brise Soleil are an eco-friendly addition to any building. Its shading effects mean that energy reserves are protected and the inhabitants are responsible for fewer carbon emissions.
These can prevent glare and overheating during the summer months, which minimise the need for internal blinds and air conditioning systems.

This is especially important in commercial premises, where employees are expected to perform at a high level all year round. These unnecessary distractions can affect staff morale and consequently productivity.

A building that is equipped with Brise Soleil will be less severely affected by solar heat gain in the summer whilst retaining precious heat and sunlight during the colder months, meaning the end user will save money on air conditioning and heating costs.

Eurosafe Solutions can help maintain your Brise Soleil 

We offer a comprehensive inspection and cleaning service which helps to ensure that it remains structural sound but also aesthetically pleasing. This falls under Part A and Part L of the building regulations.

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