Comprehensive Test & Inspection for Container Access & Tanker Fall Protection

Container Access Test & Inspection Access for those working at height on containers or modular building face their own dangers, whether this be at the roadside, in a yard or even on site. Therefore, Eurosafe designed our Container Access System. It can be installed to standard sized containers and is easily set up by competent personnel, anytime, anywhere. Installed and used correctly this system allows the user to work in restraint, therefore a fall will not occur.

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Can those working on containers be kept in restraint?

The Container Access System is a fully adjustable parallel anchorage restraint system. It allows the user to fully travel a container/modular building to ensures works can be carried out safely and effectively. The adjustable stoppers installed on the rope system, prevent the user from approaching the fall hazard at all four sides.

How is the system installed?

The system can be easily installed from a securely footed ladder, avoiding the need to access the roof until safe to do so. The system is portable and just as easy to remove.

How often should it be inspected?

Operatives should always carry out a pre-use inspection prior to use and be trained (create link to training) accordingly. The European PPE Directive and UK Legislation states that personal protective equipment against falls from a height should be examined ‘at least twelve-monthly’.

However, in document INDG367 the HSE recommends that detailed inspections of such equipment should be carried out at least every six months particularly when the equipment is used in arduous environments.

Our engineers are fully qualified to undertake these detailed inspections to current British regulations and standards. These can be completed on site and avoid additional downtime on site.

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