Flagpole Inspection

Flagpoles fall within the parameters of the LOLER 1998 regulations – the raising and lowering of materials. The regulations also cover associated wires and shackles, hooks, pole carrier and slings, which are classed as lifting equipment and therefore need to be inspected on a yearly basis.

At Eurosafe Solutions, we provide a comprehensive flagpole inspection testing service, which we introduced a number of years ago to meet demand from managers of town and city halls, stately homes and other high profile buildings, who were keen to minimise public liability risks and ensure compliance with the regulations.

Many commercial, public and private buildings have their own flags, which come in all shapes and sizes and when affixed to a pole secured to a structure can cause a potential hazard.

The force of the wind on the fabric of the flag and the pole itself can be quite considerable. Our service therefore includes the flag, pole, halyard, pulleys and holding down bolts, with both a function check and a through visual inspection. After inspection is carried out, we provide a complete report of our findings.

At Eurosafe Solutions, we carry out flagpole inspection as an individual service or customers can choose to outsource their complete testing and inspection service for fall protection systems to us.

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