Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Blocks & Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL's) are inspected & serviced to EN 360

We provide a Compliance based inspection & testing service as part of a Periodic Inspection regime / PPM for Inertia reel blocks, Fall Arrest Blocks, Retractable type fall arresters often refrred to as SRD’s (self retracting Devices) or SRL’s (self retracting lifelines) which are designed in accordance with EN 360 with a typical fall arrest distance of no more than 300mm.

Inertia reel blocks such as the MSA PFL retractable lanyard, The MSA Sealed SRL (Self Retracting Lifeline), The Protecta Rebel SRL, The Ridgegear RGA Range, The Yale Fall Arrest Inertia reel block, Miller Falcon, Black Rhino & Scorpion blocks, Sala Sealed Blok – Twin Talon & Ultralok, the Tractel Blocfor & The IKAR inertia reel blocks are just some of the inertia reel blocks common in the UK marketplace. The inspection & maintenance criteria for each block differs between manufacturer & product so it is imperative that you consult the manufacturers instructions prior to use & follow the recommended inspection / maintenance guidelines.

Eurosafe Solutions are able to guide you through this decision making process & assist you in the inspection & maintenance of the majority of inertia reel devices.