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The correct use of installed safety systems requires that both the system and the user have the correct PPE and is trained in how to use it.

Eurosafe Solutions have a full range of Products & Personal Protective Equipment for use with our safety systems when working at height and in confined spaces ensuring that this equipment is correctly selected to work in your workplace environment in harmony with the other safety equipment required for the task.

Eurosafe Solutions can supply you with all your fall protection PPE needs including simple rear fastening harnesses, front fastening harnesses for vertical applications, a wide range of different length lanyards, extendable lanyards and grab devices, and a diverse range of fall arrest blocks to suit most applications.

We also can provide travelling devices to attach the user to the safety systems for most of the major brands of fall arrest equipment and service your rescue requirements with the new Latchways PRD, perhaps the most innovative pieces of PPE to hit the market in a number of years.

Eurosafe Solutions offer their market leading knowledge in the specification and provision of fall protection and confined space products and PPE, in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations (2005) and the Confined Spaces Regulations (1997).

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