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The correct use of installed safety systems requires that both the system and the user have the correct PPE and is trained in how to use it.

Eurosafe Solutions have a full range of Products & Personal Protective Equipment for use with our safety systems when working at height and in confined spaces ensuring that this equipment is correctly selected to work in your workplace environment in harmony with the other safety equipment required for the task.

Eurosafe Solutions can supply you with all your fall protection PPE needs including simple rear fastening harnesses, front fastening harnesses for vertical applications, a wide range of different length lanyards, extendable lanyards and grab devices, and a diverse range of fall arrest blocks to suit most applications.

We also can provide travelling devices to attach the user to the safety systems for most of the major brands of fall arrest equipment and service your rescue requirements with the new Latchways PRD, perhaps the most innovative pieces of PPE to hit the market in a number of years.

Eurosafe Solutions offer their market leading knowledge in the specification and provision of fall protection and confined space products and PPE, in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations (2005) and the Confined Spaces Regulations (1997).

PPE Service Centre

If you own work equipment that is used to protect your employees from a fall from height, you have a legal duty to ensure that it is inspected at suitable intervals (Regulation 12 (3) of the Work at Height Regulations 2005). The inspection must be undertaken by a competent person, who has the relevant knowledge, training, and experience in the subject.

We provide a compliance-based inspection & testing service as part of a periodic inspection regime for inertia reel blocks, fall arrest blocks, retractable type fall arresters often referred to as SRD’s (self-retracting devices) or SRL’s (self-retracting lifelines) which are designed in accordance with EN 360 with a typical fall arrest distance of no more than 300mm.

Inertia reel blocks such as the MSA PFL retractable lanyard, the MSA Sealed SRL range, the Protecta Rebel SRL, and the Ridgegear RGA range are just some of the blocks common in the UK marketplace that we, in our Service Centre, can inspect and service. The inspection, maintenance and recertification must be carried out by the manufacturer or an approved service company (as specified by the manufacturer) at least every 12 months, or less if deemed necessary. This can be an interim inspection due to an identified risk to the device that could have an adverse effect on performance and safety.

Eurosafe Solutions are able to guide you through this decision-making process & assist you in keeping equipment maintained and compliant.

Eurosafe Solutions house a professional and reliable service centre where our dedicated team are certified to inspect and service a wide range of fall arrest blocks, guided type fall arrestors (GTFAs) and sealed SRLs.

We are a certified MSA channel partner, and this enables us to service and carry out repairs to MSA and Latchways branded products also.

Our specialist technicians are available to provide expert advice to our customers, so they fully understand what the servicing entails and why this helps them get the best out of their safety equipment.

Service and repair stock is held in our workshops to ensure a quick turnaround, so the end user is not without essential PPE for longer than is necessary. PPE Inspection and Servicing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is intended for use with fall protection systems needs to be regularly inspected. Typical PPE for use with a fall protection system includes a harness (Full Body), a shock absorbing lanyard, an attachment device (karabiner or system specific connector i.e., Latchways transfastener), a helmet designed for work at height, plus other system specific equipment.

The importance of ensuring the correct specification, fitting and inspection of this PPE should not be underestimated. Doing so can very quickly identify the “weakest link” in any fall protection system. Regular inspection is very important as PPE (especially webbing or fabric PPE) can become damaged or lose its effectiveness, due to cuts and abrasions, corrosion to metalware, contamination by unknown substances, excessive exposure to UV or an identified overload. Our service ensures that your PPE is fully compliant, in date and fit for purpose.

This inspection of your PPE can be carried on your site by one of our field-based inspection team and servicing is carried out by our expert team in our approved service centre.

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