Inclined System Test & Inspection

Eurosafe Solutions undertake the Test, inspection & certification of inclined fall protection systems such as the MSA Latchways Climblatch & BridgeLatch.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour bridge climb is probably the best known example of an inclined fall protection system. The Bridge Latch system by MSA Latchways installed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge allows thrill seekers to climb the bridge protected from both the fall off the side of the bridge & from the potential fall back down the Arch of the bridge.

A similar system is installed on the “Up at the 02” – Millennium Dome Experience in London.

Inclined Systems PPE

A BridgeLatch or ClimbLatch system is used with a specific piece of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The Bridgelatch or Climblatch transfastener attaches the user to the system and restricts the user from falling. We supply & service / inspect these travelling devices.

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