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Latchways Mansafe Systems or Mansafe Systems are horizontal safety lines designed to keep people safe whilst working at a height. The word mansafe is often used to describe different equipment such as eyebolts, guardrails or ladders but is a specific brand name of Latchways for their horizontal fall protection systems.

Mansafe systems can be designed for restraint purposes, (to prevent a fall occurring) but must be able to take fall arrest loadings in accordance with EN795 and the equipment be misused.

Latchways Mansafe systems allow safe access to operatives undertaking maintenance works.
A mansafe fall protection system can be designed as either fall restraint; the system is installed typically no less than 2m from the fall hazard, thus, the mansafe fall restraint user is restrained (as a would be a child in reins) or, as fall arrest where the user is exposed to the potential fall hazard – but the mansafe system would arrest the user in the event that a fall occurred.

All types of fall arrest systems and fall restraint systems still need to be tested and inspected regularly to check for any faults and to ensure that the system is fit for purpose. Eurosafe Solutions provides a wide range of mansafe system testing, for other types of testing and inspection, please visit our Test & Inspection Page

When are mansafe systems required?

Mansafe systems are vital whenever there is a requirement for people to be working at height. The purpose of a mansafe system is to protect the prevent workers should a fall occur.
There are many reasons as to why people need to access the roof of a building; sometimes for jobs that are as little as watering a sedum roof or collecting lost sports equipment from the roof of a school.

How often should a Latchways Mansafe system be inspected?

In accordance with EN795 and manufacturers guidance, these should be inspected and tested at least every 12 months and that an independent risk assessment should be undertaken to determine if a more frequent visit is required.

It is stated in the WAHR; ‘Where work is carried out at height, every employer shall take suitable and sufficient measures to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any person falling a distance liable to cause personal injury’ which is why it is so important that all mansafe testing, inspection, and certification of fall protection systems are carried out in accordance with current British Standards; BS EN 795 and BS EN 7883.

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