Rail Based System Test & Inspection

Rail based fall protection systems are often installed where there is a need to minimise workers’ fall distance. The rail will not deflect as a cable would in the event of a fall. Typically a rail will be installed to ensure that the worker is either kept in a position of restraint or the fall distance is kept to a minimum. Such systems are often found in overhead locations, such as train maintenance depots.

These fall protection systems are often referred to by their brand name as “Uni-rail™”, “Multirail™”, “Allatro™” and “Technelec™” systems and are categorised as Class D Fall Protection systems under the British Standards BS EN353-1.

Our engineers are certified by all the leading fall protection manufacturers to inspect, test and certify rail based fall protection systems.

As a large majority of rail based fall protection systems are installed in overhead locations, they create their own unique challenges during inspection and testing. We overcome these challenges as we employ our own engineers who are:

  • IPAF trained and qualified in the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s)
  • PASMA trained in the erection of temporary access towers.
  • IRATA trained in the use of Industrial roped access techniques.

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