We inspect & certify Modular step / stair systems following PUWER regulations & manufacturer instructions.

We offer a Compliance based inspection service as part of a Periodic Inspection regime / PPM for Modular step / stair systems which can be found in a number of different locations around a building. They can be both internal and external creating safe pedestrian access over & around plant and equipment. Step units such as the Ascent Up & Over step units are designed in accordance with BS EN ISO 14122-1:2001 + A1:2010 and Building Regulations Part K:2013. Our inspection criteria would follow the requirements of these standards.

Where modular step systems form part of a roof access system they can be manufactured in accordance with BS EN 516 Prefabricated accessories for roofing. Installation for roof accesss, walkways, treads & steps. Systems such as the Ascent alumnium walkway system & the MSA LAtchways walksafe system have modular step systems for ascending / descending roof slopes. These systems are often used in conjunction with an inclined fall protection system or guardrail & inspected in conjunction with them as they act as an integral part of the access & safety system.

PUWER regulation 6 specifies the circumstances where inspection is required to ensure healthy and safe conditions are maintained: one circumstance identified is… where work equipment is exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in dangerous situations. Given Modular step systems are often located external to a building or at height – it can often require a regular planned inspection.