Ladder Systems

For the last years Eurosafe Solutions has been designing supplying and installing fixed permanent access ladders to give safe passage between roof levels, onto gantries, silos and cranes. All our ladders are individually designed to suit their location and use. We can supply anything from a simple step up companionway unit to a multistage 20 meters plus ladder giving access to a chimney or the side of a large building.

Bespoke Ladders

We can supply vertical and companionway (ship) ladders in any size or configuration made from aluminium, mild or stainless steel with a variety of finishes.

Our experience with working in the new build sector has led us to developing a series of brackets for the head and foot of each ladder that allow a simple interface and weathering detail to most major roof and cladding types. Platforms at the head of the ladder can be made as a simple step through, to a 2-meter-long fully gated and hand railed unit designed to take the user away from the building edge and fall hazard.

All our ladders fully comply with relevant European standards and offer end user protection either in the form of hoops or an integral fall arrest system. The systems can also be adapted to have locking gates and removable or folding sections to prevent unauthorised entry. Our installation team will look after the whole project including lifting plans and craneage if require. And the use of rope access allows for the safe installation of larger ladders where MEWP access is not practical.

Y-Spar vertical ladder system

Y-Spar is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional ladder with integral guide-rail for fall protection. The ladder can be supplied in a traditional side rail configuration or as a central support with foot placements to each side and can be made in aluminium or galvanised mild steel.

The Y-Spar ladder system can be easily integrated with SÖLLs vast array of ancillary products including mid entry points, curved and rotating exit points that allow the user to easily and safely exit the ladder at the head, folding and fixed rest platforms and a wide range of fixing brackets allowing the ladder to be clamped or mechanically fixed to most structures including masonry and cladding on buildings, and steel structures such as towers, poles and masts.

PivotLoc Vertical ladder system

PivotLoc is a foldable ladder system with incorporated GlideLoc®-fall protection rail. In the closed position, the rungs pivot together behind the central guide rail.

The PivotLoc offers a reliable fall protection solution for height access and working at heights. When closed, the ladder can be locked shut to prevent unauthorised use of the system and can also be locked while working in the open state, to prevent an operator from being trapped accidentally.

In a fully closed position the ladder is very discreet (105 mm wide in the closed position) thus meeting architectural and planning requirements for an “invisible” height access system. As with the Yspar system PivotLoc can be used in conjunction with all other SÖLL ladder systems giving flexibility for installation and usability.

Manufactured from saline-resistant anodised aluminium the system attracts minimal wind and snow loads when closed. The side members are light and easy to move since their weight is counterbalanced and once opened the side rails offer additional support to the user when climbing and descending.

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