GlideLoc Y-Spar Vertical Ladder

Eurosafe Solutions is an approved provider of SÖLLs GlideLoc Fall Protection ladders This system provides a safe and controlled means of vertical access whilst working at height. The GlideLoc system is used throughout the world in industries such as Utilities, Telecommunications, Construction, Wind Energy and Building Maintenance.

Y-Spar is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional ladder with integral guide-rail for fall protection. The ladder can be supplied in a traditional side rail configuration or as a central support with foot placements to each side and can be made in aluminium or galvanised mild steel.

The Y-Spar ladder system can be easily integrated with SÖLLs vast array of ancillary products including mid entry points, curved and rotating exit points that allow the user to easily and safely exit the ladder at the head, folding and fixed rest platforms and a wide range of fixing brackets allowing the ladder to be clamped or mechanically fixed to most structures including masonry and cladding on buildings, and steel structures such as towers, poles and masts.

Y-Spar Ladder Inspection

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