PivotLoc Vertical Folding Ladder

SOLL’s PivotLoc is a foldable ladder system with incorporated GlideLoc®-fall protection rail. In the closed position, the rungs pivot together behind the central guide rail.

The PivotLoc offers a reliable fall protection solution for height access and working at heights. When closed, the ladder can be locked shut to prevent unauthorised use of the system and can also be locked while working in the open state, to prevent an operator from being trapped accidentally.

In a fully closed position the ladder is very discreet (105 mm wide in the closed position) thus meeting architectural and planning requirements for an “invisible” height access system. As with the Yspar system PivotLoc can be used in conjunction with all other SÖLL ladder systems giving flexibility for installation and usability.

Manufactured from saline-resistant anodised aluminium the system attracts minimal wind and snow loads when closed. The side members are light and easy to move since their weight is counterbalanced and once opened the side rails offer additional support to the user when climbing and descending.

Pivotlock Ladder Inspection

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