Walkway Systems

Rooftop walkways provide a level, trip free, non-slip surface that raises the user out of any standing water therefore protecting them against hazards when working at height. It also offers protection to the roofing materials in highly trafficked areas such as where regular access may be required for maintenance regimes such as plant inspection, air quality monitoring and rooflight cleaning.

Eurosafe Solutions can design, supply and install a system to suit your application. We offer solutions in mild steel, lightweight aluminium and cost effective PVCu and rubber enabling us to match the best material to your requirements.

Mild Steel Grillage

The structural capabilities of Mild steel over aluminium makes it a more suitable material for areas where the supports for the walkways need to be further apart, it is harder wearing and less susceptible to damage if misused, and its more able to take the additional loads required with the introduction of handrails.

Eurosafe Solutions will undertake a full survey of your requirements, produce a set of drawings and structural calculations for your approval prior to the fabrication and installation of the system to your premises. Our service includes all necessary access equipment, methodology, delivery and material handling allowing our works to be completed with a minimum of disruption to your normal everyday procedures.

As with all our metal walkway systems, the steel grillage walkway system can be designed to incorporate handrails, toe boards, steps and ladders to provide a full access system where required.

Aluminium Grillage

The complex geometric shape of modern buildings often means that it is not possible to use standard roof walkway systems to access all areas of the building. Due to the requirement to provide a levelled surface on walkways the fixing details, support frame and grillage panels on the system need to be adaptable to the roofs geometry.

Eurosafe Solutions designs, supplies, and installs bespoke aluminium grillage walkways based on our own press locked grating. The functional advantages of grating, incredibly high static quality, easy and quick assembly and the high stability of the product, allows us to produce walkway systems from simple 600mm wide flat panels fitted directly to the roof sheet, to unique levelled hinged systems incorporating tapers and level changes to cope with the complexity of the roofs geometry.


Eurosafe Solutions will provide a full design service for this product supplying our client with a full set of drawings or 3D models detailing our proposal, and engineering calculations to substantiate its suitability for use. The panels can be made in a wide range of widths, depths and profiles as well as various finishes to ensure that we give you the product that exactly meets your requirements.

The aluminium roof access walkway and handrail has been designed as a lightweight roof access system for general cleaning and maintenance purposes. The system is designed to B.S. 6399: part 1: 1996.

Aluminium walkways provide a high quality aesthetically pleasing finish which is often difficult to achieve with other materials, whilst the panel retains a high residual value and is fully recyclable. To enhance the appearance of the walkway panels further, they can be either anodised or paint powder coat finished.

The aluminium walkway system is made up of lightweight panels which are approximately one third of the weight of steel panels of similar form and are virtually maintenance free. It offers the benefits of a modular system that can be altered to suit each specific requirement, with a non-slip serrated surface and the ability to be installed with our without handrail to both sides or to one side only. The system can be levelled to 10° and can be fitted to numerous roof types, although it is especially suited to standing seam type roofs.

The grillage system can be designed to incorporate steps and ladders to provide a full access system where required.

WalkSafe PVCu System

Eurosafe Solutions Ltd are an approved installer of the MSA Latchways WalkSafe® system. Made from PVCu components, WalkSafe® systems are lightweight, easily cleaned, and rot free. The WalkSafe® walkway system does not penetrate the roof as penetrating the roof covering can compromise the buildings U-value via thermal bridging.

The WalkSafe® system was originally developed to replace timber duckboard type walkways which has a limited life-span, is prone to rotting when regularly submersed in water, as well as being hazardously slippery when wet. Subsequently then the WalkSafe® system has been developed into a range that can be fitted on most roof types, encompassing everything from old slate tiled roofs to ultra-modern aluminium standing seam systems. It can be fitted in valley gutters and half valley gutters, up and down roof slopes and as step units for roof slopes in excess of 20 degrees. A range of fixing kits has been developed with approval from all of the major roofing manufacturers to ensure that the walkway does not affect the performance or warranties of their products

The WalkSafe® system has been awarded the British Board of Agreement Certificate and carries a fire performance rating of Class 1Y to BS476: part 7: 1987. WalkSafe® is manufactured using recycled materials and is available in a range of colours; brown, grey or white.

Walkway & Fixed Gantry Inspection

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