WalkSafe uPVC Walkway

Eurosafe Solutions Ltd are an approved installer of the MSA Latchways WalkSafe® system. Made from PVCu components, WalkSafe® systems are lightweight, easily cleaned, rot-proof and impervious to water frost, insects, fungi and algae. The WalkSafe® walkway system does not penetrate the roof as penetrating the roof covering can compromise the buildings U-value via thermal bridging.

The WalkSafe® system was originally developed to replace timber duckboard type walkways which has a limited life-span, is prone to rotting when regularly submersed in water, as well as being hazardously slippery when wet. Subsequently then the WalkSafe® system has been developed into a range that can be fitted on most roof types, encompassing everything from old slate tiled roofs to ultra-modern aluminium standing seam systems. It can be fitted in valley gutters and half valley gutters, up and down roof slopes and as step units for roof slopes in excess of 20 degrees. A range of fixing kits has been developed with approval from all of the major roofing manufacturers to ensure that the walkway does not affect the performance or warranties of their products.

The WalkSafe® system has been awarded the British Board of Agreement Certificate and carries a fire performance rating of Class 1Y to BS476: part 7: 1987. WalkSafe® is manufactured using recycled materials and is available in a range of colours; brown, grey or white.

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Eurosafe Solutions

Eurosafe Solutions

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