Plant Platforms and Gantries

Eurosafe Solutions offers a full design supply and installation service of plant access platforms that can be configured to suit a majority of standard air conditioning and refrigeration plant from a single Lennox type unit to larger scale multi-unit plant platforms and decks.

Our standard units are based on being supported on Big Foot feet and allow the platforms to be easily installed on either new build or existing buildings, or we can design individual projects to distribute the loads back to the steel structure of the building. Each platform has integral handrails, step access and toeboards and can be supplied either in galvanised mild steel, aluminium or, for specific corrosive environments, stainless steel. All our products are designed and tested to comply with BS 5395-3:1985 and all other necessary European regulations.

Eurosafe Solutions will provide you with a full turnkey service, producing drawings or 3D models either from an onsite survey or from drawings, carry out engineering and load calculations to ensure the integrity of your buildings structure is not compromised, organising all delivery and craneage, then oversee the installation and final handover.

Industrial maintenance and service personnel and theatrical stage workers often require access to high level areas of buildings. These work areas are in constricted plant rooms above moving conveyor systems, or in the eaves and under roof structures of arenas, stadiums and other entertainment facilities. Catwalks and elevated walkways also are required when your workers need to bridge an expanse or get access across an otherwise hazardous work area outdoors. These situations may include access to truck roofs and the tops of tanks for loading operations.

Eurosafe Solutions can provide a bespoke walkway system that combines with structural elements already in place such as elevated work platforms or ceiling support trusses. Our surveyors can help determine your overall fall protection needs and engineer, fabricate and install a system for safe access. Your walkways may include ladders, catwalks and a variety of hanging, suspended or elevated work platforms for workers to reach target maintenance sites.

Eurosafe Solutions rope access ability allows us to carry out these works in extremely hazardous environments in a safe and timely manner with little or no interruptions to the plant and machinery we are often working above.

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