What is a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)?

Often referred to as a window cleaning cradle, a gondola or a gantry, Building Maintenance Unit is a type of permanent mechanical access equipment generally installed on the building’s roof level that is operated manually, automatically or by remote control. It provides a permanent mechanical access for the maintenance of a building’s façade.

It can be installed in a static location or on fixed or free-standing tracks, allowing the unit to traverse the full perimeter of the roof. From the main unit a telescopic jib suspends a cradle or basket over the edge of the building that can be lowered or raised allowing access to all of the building’s façade for general maintenance, cleaning and repairs such as glazing and façade panel replacement.

Our Service

The bespoke nature of Building Maintenance Units means early engagement with the architect or building owner is essential. Providing an initial cost-effective design that not only meets statutory requirements but has taken into consideration all of the access needs of the building, throughout its lifetime, is paramount to a successful installation.

Eurosafe offers a full wrap round service to ensure that your project gets the right piece of equipment. Partnering with market leading BMU manufacturer GPBMU in Madrid, Spain, we guide you through the complete process from access strategy, concept design, engineering loads for the unit and your building, site project management and installation, commissioning, user training and long-term warrantied maintenance.

Eurosafe Façade Access - Building Maintenance Units


Our partner GPBMU (part of the JPV group) have more than twenty-five years’ experience in the sector and having supervised and approved the construction of more than 2,300 façade access machines around the world.

Working within the 3 fundamental pillars of Safety, Quality and Innovation, their range of machines can cover a vast majority of façade access requirements from simple flat surfaces to complex uneven geometry’s incorporating protruding elements requiring the use of pantograph cradles.


Although each BMU is tailored to the needs of each building, our standard models are:

BMU Cradle Systems Test & Inspection

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