Davit Systems / Suspended Access System

In the push to maximise the usable areas of a residential or commercial building and with the advent of a requirement for outdoor space in these developments, architects are incorporating more and more terraces in their design by utilising what was historically dead roof space.

In order to do so safely, many roofs now feature lightweight parapets, handrails or glazed balustrades. This makes accessing the façade by rope access very difficult due to having to run the ropes over top of the roof barrier as the loads required for the abseiling far outweigh the normal barrier loads.

To overcome this issue Eurosafe Solutions can provide a fully tested davit arm system (suspended access system) that lifts the ropes over the edge of the building thus avoiding any load to the balustrade or parapet.

The Porta-Davit system is a CE marked system that has been certified to take the 15kn load requirement for the use of rope access equipment. The davit is removable when not in use and is secured back to the building via a fixed socket that can be recessed into the finished floor level of the terrace if required.

Eurosafe Solutions can also provide fully bespoke davit systems that can be used for rope access, the suspension of cradle systems and the lifting of materials. With correct consultation with the client at design stage, this type of system can offer a cost effective, discrete and user friendly system for all of your façade access requirements.

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