Monorail Systems

The requirement for space in our ever-crowded cities has led to roofs being turned over to public terraces or covered in vast amounts of plant. This has created situation where it is just not possible to install a roof mounted Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). This has led to the increase in the use of façade mounted monorails on modern buildings.

Eurosafe Solutions are an installer of Noracon monorail systems, which comprise of a wide range of different profiles to adapt to changes in fixing backgrounds and support bracket spacings. Coupled with a selection of manual and mechanical trolleys, the Noracon range of products gives us the flexibility to design a system to carry a cradle or for use by rope access operatives.

All the monorails are designed to allow the system to be adapted to its location, be that through a glass façade, to the underside of a soffit or to the inside of an atrium. The monorails can be supplied anodised or powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice and can be curved, bent or twisted to allow a seamless application in even the most complex of structures. Eurosafe solutions’ design and fabrication abilities allow us to supply bespoke support brackets that can fix back to a vast majority of structures however simple or complex.

By incorporating the NL01E Norlift Climbing Trolley, we can design systems that will climb inclined or vertical sections of NP01 monorail even in wet or wintry weather conditions.

Once installed, Eurosafe Solutions can then combine the installed rails with a range of equipment such as a one or two-man cradle system either standard or modified to suit your requirements; or we can supply trolleys and equipment for using the rails as rope access systems.

On completion, we will carry out extensive user training for the installed systems as well as providing a detailed end user document, warranties and a long-term maintenance contract to ensure the system does not ever let you down.

Monorail Test & Inspection

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