Constant Force Systems

When released nearly 20 years ago the Latchways Constant Force® post represented a major step forward in the sophistication and refinement of anchor systems.

The unique design of the Constant Force® post absorbs the forces caused during a fall not only protecting the user but greatly reduces the load back to the roofing material to a point that no damage is caused to the integrity of the roof.  This allows the Constant Force® posts carrying the system to be fixed directly to a vast majority of roof types eliminating the need to penetrate the roof. Unlike other systems on the market, this means that should post deployment occur, it is a simple matter of replacing the post, not a section of the roof.

Working with the roof sheet manufacturers has also allowed MSA Latchways to develop specific weathering details greatly simplifying the task, reducing the time taken in carrying out the weathering and allowing manufacturers to give out the extended warranties required in modern times, with full peace of mind that the safety system installed will not affect this warranty.

Eurosafe Solutions carry a ready stock of constant force posts that allow a quick turn around of projects on all major roof types including Aluminium standing seam, BUOS and composite panels and most flat roofing materials.

MSA Latchways Constant Force

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