Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Climbing fixed access ladders on buildings, in industry, power generation towers, and telecoms has traditionally been protected by hoops or the use of twin lanyard climbing techniques.

More recently the advantages of fixed fall protection in the form of a cable system, rail system or self-retracting lifeline. These systems incorporate a cable, or a rail to which you attach yourself using a full body harness and lanyard and a specialist travelling device, which allows hands free climbing both up and down the ladder, mast or tower. In the event of a fall the device will lock into position thus preventing a fall. With a traditional cage it is still possible the user will have their fall protected but there is also a chance that they may experience a serious injury in the process of falling.

They is no right and wrong ladder application where a fall protection system should be used over a cage, but Eurosafe Solutions feels that this solution is preferable in ladders over a certain height, in industrial or utilities settings, where oil grease or water will be present, or where access off the head of a ladder is not possible and the operational task is required to be carried out from the ladder, such as telecoms masts and pylons. In this instance when, correctly designed and specified, not only do they allow hands free access up and down the ladder but also provide restraint work positioning for the user.

Vertical Systems Test & Inspection

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