MSA LadderLatch Systems

The MSA Latchways LadderLatch is a vertical cable system that provides personal protection when climbing ladders. It prevents a person from falling from a ladder by means of a connection to the vertical cable system. The system can be used for almost any type of ladder due to its flexibility from a small roof access ladder to large scale ladders on chimneys, towers, cranes and silos.

The LadderLatch is based on MSA Latchways’ unique star wheel component, which allows the user to be constantly attached to the cable installed on the ladder. As a result, the employee can use the system totally hands-free ensuring that their focus is maintained on the operation they are performing. In the event of a fall, the LadderLatch device locks onto the cable and stops the fall.

The MSA Latchways Ladderlatch has many advantages over rail systems, including:

  • Can closely follow the contours of the structure or ladder
  • Is suitable for retrofitting or as part of new construction
  • It is unobtrusive and lightweight
  • Installation possible for almost all environments
  • Can be integrated with Latchways vertical, sloping and horizontal sections
  • Supports use by up to four people
  • Built-in energy-absorbing elements protect the end anchors against excessive loads in the event of a fall
  • The LadderLatch device can be attached or removed at any point in the system

Vertical Wire Systems Test & Inspection

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