Guardrails, Balustrades & Barriers

Increased pressure on usable floor area combined with people’s desire to have outdoor space in today’s modern living and working environments has led to a huge increase in free movement access to roofs, terraces and balconies.

Traditionally areas where fall protection would have been installed due to infrequent access requirements these spaces now require far more frequent access for both the public and maintenance staff. To allow this to safely happen the use of guarding and balustrade has become the preferred method of protection for building developers, facilities managers, architects and the Health and Safety Executive.

Whatever our client’s requirements Eurosafe Solutions can provide a system to meet them, always ensuring that regulations are met. We take careful consideration of your requirements to make sure that the correct product is installed, for the correct purpose. We can supply a full range of guarding and balustrades from our cost effective freestanding SolidRail® maintenance guardrail, to full bespoke polished stainless-steel systems to your exact requirements; from fixed aluminium and steel handrailing to architectural glazing systems.

Legislation covering collective protection including a roof guardrail, balustrade and demarcation systems is presently very complex and cumbersome due to there not being one single document covering all the different possibilities in the market. Let Eurosafe Solutions take this headache away to make sure you don’t end up with a bigger issue in the future.

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