SolidRail® Aluminium Guardrail

Historically roof edge guardrail was designed as a purely functional and cost-effective solution with the aesthetics of the product being secondary to cost.

Following feed back from our clients, especially in the new build sector, that the look and feel of the product was important to them, Eurosafe Solutions have designed SolidRail® guardrail to provide a solution to this issue whilst still functioning to the standards required and at a price point that is the equal to the most cost-effective products on the market.

SolidRail® guardrail is a flexible, lightweight edge protection system that can be installed in a freestanding format or fixed to the buildings structure. The stanchions can be supplied in a vertical or inclined format and are formed from rectangular box sections which give a much smaller end profile than tube, reducing their visual impact. The tubes are connected to the stanchions via a unique hidden drop in fitting that does not interfere with the aesthetic of the stanchion. Tubes come with a ferruled end allowing fast easy fitting without the need for an additional joiner.

The system comes with a full range of fittings for corners and deviations, and comes with locking gates and a clip on toe-board to allow the guardrail to be customised to suit your roof area.

Eurosafe SolidRail® Brochure

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