Container Access System

Container Access System

When working on containers, there is always an element of danger whether this be at the roadside, in a yard or even on site. Whenever access is required to the top of the container, a safe system of work should be implemented.

A fall arrest solution is generally not an option as the containers tend to be situated at ground level, meaning there will be insufficient ground clearance to successfully arrest a fall. Eurosafe Solutions have designed The Container Access System that can be installed to standard sized containers and is easily set up by competent personnel, anytime, anywhere. Installed and used correctly this system allows the user to work in restraint, therefore a fall will not occur.

The Container Access System

The Container Access System comprises of fully adjustable parallel anchorage restraint ropes which are tensioned using ratchet straps and rope grab devices.

The user connects to both ropes whilst on the roof of the container via the appropriate length lanyard to work freely whilst being in restraint. Adjustable stoppers are fitted to the anchorage restraint ropes to limit travel along the length of the container and prevent the user from approaching the fall hazard at all four sides. The system can be easily installed from a securely footed ladder, avoiding the need to access the roof until safe to do so. The system is portable and just as easy to remove.

Each Container Access System Kit comprises of:

  • 1no. Storage Bag with shoulder straps
  • 4no. Nylon rope stoppers with adjustment knob
  • 2no. Adjustable rope lanyard with large steel twist lock karabiners
  • 2 Tonne ratchet straps
  • Small stainless steel screwed triangular links
  • 2no. Large steel twist lock karabiner
  • Contents card situated in the front pocket of the equipment storage bag detailing the serial numbers of each component that makes up the kit
  • A step by step guide on how to set up the system from start to finish

** Harness, Lanyards and Helmets are sold separately **

Eurosafe Solutions would always advise that all users attend a suitable training course in the installation, use and care of this equipment.

Benefits of Our Container Access System

  • Users remain in restraint which ensures work is carried out safely and effectively without the possibility of an arrested fall
  • Rapid deployment – Quick and easy to rig for reactive maintenance
  • Lightweight – Standard kit weighing 12kg
  • Compact – All components supplied in dual strap carry bag for ease of transportation
  • Cost effective – Negates the need for mechanical plant or scaffolding

Quick, Safe & Effective Installation

Container Access System Training

Our Container Access System kit can be supported with full training as we also offer a specific course for the system. This offers up to date industry knowledge and peace of mind for duty holders within the workplace.

Our training courses are specifically tailored to the working at height industry. Each course has both theory and practical elements. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate valid for 3 years deeming them as adequately trained for when working at height.  However, Eurosafe Solutions recommend that employers carry out assessments to ensure users do not suffer “skills fade”, especially for those who use equipment infrequently.

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Meeting Industry Standards

The Eurosafe Container Access System fall restraint kit meets the following standards:

EN358 | Personal Protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from height
EN355 | Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Energy absorbers
BS8513 | Personal fall protection equipment. Twin-Legged Energy Absorbing Lanyards
EN362 | Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Connectors
EN 12195-2 | Load restraint assemblies on road vehicles. Safety. Web lashing made from man-made fibres

Container Access System Brochure

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