When planning to work at height, measures must be taken to ensure the area is safe and the risk of falling is reduced to a minimum.

The hierarchy of controls are laid out by the working at height regulations 2005 and aim to eliminate or guard the risk, However this is not always an option. The last protection measure is to ensure that the worker is protected by the correct use of PPE such as a Harness.

Eurosafe Solutions offer a range of harness from suppliers such as IKAR and Petzl which are compliant with the highest standards (EN 361, EN 358, EN 813).

There are 3 main types which can be used for working at height:

  • Single Point Harness – these are standard day to day harnesses for use on horizontal or overhead systems, each equipped with one attachment point at the rear.
  • Two Point Harness –  for use on horizontal, overhead and vertical systems as they are equipped with a front and rear attachment point.
  • Work Positioning Harness – for use by operatives in rope access situations who require partial or entirely supported positions.

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